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China MIIT Releases 2.1GHz Frequency Range

2021-04-19 09:26:35
Based on related announcements and notices, State Radio Regulation Bureau of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China formulated and released several days ago Technical Requirements for 5G Mobile Communications System Base Stations in 2100MHz Frequency Range to satisfy the demands of 5G applications and ensure compatibility between the 5G mobile communications system in 2100MHz frequency range and other radio businesses.

This announcement removes blocks for further steps in China Telecom and China Unicom’s joint efforts to build and share 5G networks. It means that the “3.5G+2.1G” dual-frequency range 5G strategy of China Telecom and China Unicom can be implemented in the open and their coordinated efforts for innovation of the world’s widest TDD (200M) and FDD (2x40M) frequency

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